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Login Form is a resource site for professionally-minded blind and drapery cleaners.

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We are in our 17th year of publishing a free E-Mail Newsletter that is currently received by over 475 blind cleaners across the continent and in a few other countries. The articles and content are targetted to the interests of those who operate in this specialty niche of the cleaning industry. Typical readers are professionally minded blind or drapery cleaners, window treatment retailers, shade fabricators and prospective entrepreneurs. The Newsletter is the broadest regular publication of it's kind in our industry. While our current database is different from what the map illustrates, it contains an ever changing list of blind cleaners primarily from the United States and Canada (with representation in other countries such as Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Ireland).


Bert teaching_Silhouette_Cleaning_Training_Class_Blindcleaners.biz_PictureAdministration: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. operates a blind and drapery cleaning company in the Chicago region and is responsible for network activities, educational and technical matters and content. Others assist with the Newsletter publication, customer referrals or website listings and updates. You can reach our office at 815-577-2221. Professional blind cleaners in our network also contribute their expertise to the Newsletters and online content in places like our private Facebook Group. Feel free to E-mail or call us if you need assistance with a blind cleaning related question etc.

Who? Professionally minded blind and drapery cleaners are encouraged to join us. Modest Membership dues fund websites and other resources and activities as we represent blind cleaner's interests to consumers and to the blind fabricators. Our activities are all about advancing the public's understanding of our industry and raising the level professionalism within our industry. We love working with like minded professionals.  Our network tends to attact professionally minded blind cleaners who see the benefit of working together and actively sharpenning their professional skills. Collectively we can do things (as a network) that are impractical (or impossible) to accomplish individually (Synergy).  As we are about professional information and support - not selling a brand or product - our views are prejudiced by over 17 years of personal real world experience and input from other blind cleaners (Annual Surveys etc.) Network participants range from prospective entrepreneurs to seasoned professionals who have literally been cleaning blinds for several generations. Fabricators, companies and individuals that offer goods or services of potential interest or benefit to our Members are also welcome to join us, as we encourage win/win business relationships.


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(Bert or one of the members of our support team will be respond to your request.)

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