PB3 OnSite Equipment Package

PB3  &  On-Site Equipment Package    


Blind cleaning package purchased from On-Site a few years ago when owners of retail company decided to do some blind cleaning. Their decision to no longer do cleaning provides an opportunity for you to pick up a collection of well cared for equipment at a fair price.  These machines and this equipment is in demand.  The PB's, power head/scrubbing drill and wine filter that will tolerate solvent filtering are all no longer being made as they once were.


Asking: $3,000



Contact:  Don Fridley  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Located near Detroit, MI.



PB 3 (285 hours use) & Complete Set of Cleaning Heads and Hose Set

Power Head Scrubbing Brush Set - Drill, Interchangable Brush, Pads

Wine Filter  (Recycling Dry Cleaning Solvent - this older model tolerates solvent)

Misc. Wet and Dry Cleaning Chemicals, Spotting Agents etc.

Spray Wand, Metal Spotting Head, Bags, Belt Hooks & More... 

This whole package sold for thousands more new....













DonF OnSite Supplies Equipment Picture


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