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Sell New Ultrasonic Blind Cleaners

Location Machines Chemicals Training Alden, NY X X X
Morantz, Inc. Philadelphia, PA X X X
Omegasonics Simi Valley, CA X X X
Ultrasonic Power Corp. Freeport, IL XX X
Ultrasonics International Corp. Bellingham, WA X
Zenith Ultrasonics Inc. Norwood, NJ XX X
Ultrasonic Blind Services CA X   X
Used Ultrasonic Blind Cleaners:        
Our Website Classifieds: See listings under used equipment Varies x    
Blind Cleaning Services: Buys, Sells used machines Novi, MI x    

*** We DO NOT "Endorse" any of these companies as an organization! Do your research. Contact us directly for survey results on what other blind cleaners say about them. While some have great internet advertising and "name recognition" and a long time presence in the industry their reputations are not so great. Some offer "24/7 Customers Support" by answering machine (and IF you are a current paying customer). Others companies are decent or of unknown reputation...

The term "Training" is used liberally here in the sense that some of these companies only offer a few hours of little more than plug in the machine and dunk a few blinds with a lot of talking about the machine and giving the customer a manual of resources.

The information is provided as a resource for those researching a business opportunity in Blind Cleaning. Talk to others in the industry, join our network for articles on the topic or to ask others in our private group etc.

This list also does not include a bunch of websites that resell foreign made ultrasonic blind cleaners - quality unknown.

IF you know of a vendor whose name may be missing from our list, please let us know.

Ultrasonic Machine Repairs:

Alexy Ultrasonics Corp. - Cornelius Alexy  Phone: 845-482-3000 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 Interested in cleaning fabric shades, draperies, valances and other specialty fabrics?

OnSite Fabricare offers equipment, cleaning chemicals and training for the injection/extraction cleaning method.

Phone: 1-800-811-9367  Monthly training classes are held at their facilities just north of Atlanta in Cartersville, GA.

 (This is the best training program we are aware of currently for an introduction into cleaning fabric window treatments.