BlindMaid Drying Racks

The BlindMaid Company Offers 3 Choices for Mobile Drying Racks:

Drying Rack is handy for drying 25-30 blinds on a jobsite.  Its drying rack imgp0590powder coated steel frame (ask about colors) is rugged yet lightweight and very portable.  $339.00 (standard black)

smaller version

Hitch Rack is used for drying up to 10-15 blinds at one time.  It adjusts up to 9' high and will attach to most trailer hitches for mobile cleaning and drying.  


Truck Rack models set up quickly for mobile drying of 10 to 15 blinds by attaching to most ladder racks for mobile drying.  $159.95

Call 925-978-2523 to order or use the 

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Blind Hanging Clips


Large Spring Steel Blind Clip

While various methods are used to hang blinds from drying racks, spring steel clips are the easiest, fastest and safest way.  The “lip” on the bottom of the clip hooks into most open head rails and securely holds them.

While other methods such as cord loops or plastic loops are often used there are risks involved.  Sharp edges can cut the cords and with time the plastic loops become brittle.  These loops may separate at a critical moment or without warning, leading to dropped and damaged blinds or shades.

Periodically, has several hundred clips fabricated to our specifications in two different sizes (small and large).  Using the buying power of our network, we are able to keep the production costs reasonable and provide these handy accessories to interested blind cleaners.  If you are interested in obtaining these clips, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to check on their availability or the size of the current waiting list.

Currently, both the large and small clips are available.  Contact us at 815-577-2221 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to place your order. 


  <12 13-25 26-50 >50
Small Mini Blind Clips 1" $5.00 each $4.50 each $4.00 each $3.50 each
Large 2" Blind Clips $5.50 each $5.00 each $4.50 each $4.00 each
Shipping and Handling will be included with each purchase.  

It has been our experience that those who purchase these clips, wish they'd started using them earlier.  Those that order just a few to sample, end up ordering more.

Compact Shop Blower


Do you need a powerful compact blower for clearing out bugs in the cells in shades or drying blinds?  Shop for a commercial quality pet grooming dryer.  It is even handier if mounted on a rolling platform or pedestal stand (which can be purchased or made). 

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Shade Bright Cleaning Tool

ShadeBrightText 1

Shade Bright™ universal shade & drapery cleaning tool was designed and developed by Brent Ricketson, a professionally trained and certified blind & drapery cleaner, located in St. Paul, Minnesota.  After many conversations with past and present customers, it was determined that a safe and effective way to maintain their fine fabric window coverings between his professional cleanings was needed.  Thus the Shade Bright™ universal shade & drapery cleaning tool was born!



To get more information and pricing, visit Shade Bright's webpage or call Brent at 651-271-4048.  

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