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Professionally-minded blind cleaners whose business practices are in harmony with the Ethical Standards of our network and who support the network's activities are invited to join. 

Associate Members enjoy the FREE Newsletter, access to the professional forum and participation in the Customer Referrals Program for an annual registration fee of $24 while full Members pay $200 per year (annual payment) for access to the Resource Wiki, more articles and other benefits not available to others. 


Associate Members Members Corporate Members
Professional Forum
Articles & Forms Limited Unlimited Unlimited
Website Generated Customer Referrals No

Full Listing

Web Link

Listing or Page

Web Link(s)

E-mail/Phone/Minor Website

Customer Referrals

Rotated Rotated
Abby's Attic Listings  $25 + 3% $0 + 3%  $ Varies
Blind Cleaner's Resource Wiki  No Yes Yes*

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