"No" is Not a Word

Or it shouldn’t be! At the very least, it should be taken out of your vocabulary.  All too often you may be asked to clean fabric items that you don’t have the ability to handle and, more than likely, you’ll take the easy way out and say “No, I can’t do it”.  But a true professional never says no, they will either find a way to get it taken care of for the customer, or they buy the equipment to handle it themselves. How often while you’re cleaning blinds, do you get asked to clean fabrics that are beyond your current capabilities?  How often are you asked if you know of someone who can clean upholstery?  How often are you disappointing your customer?  Many of you that clean blinds ultrasonically (or use other methods) are currently in this position of saying “No” and there’s no reason for it.

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Ultrasonic vs. "On-Site Cleaning"

When people are researching their options in the realm of blind cleaning, there are basically three common cleaning methods.  The tools for doing hand cleaning methods (or power washing) can be purchased at the local big box or hardware store.  When it comes to ultrasonic or injection-extraction cleaning methods, however, there is typically a more significant investment required. This leads naturally to other considerations regarding performance vs. price or discussions regarding the efficiency, limitations or potential liabilities of these methods. 

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