Customer Referral Program

Customer Referral Program 

Using our database the Network operates a Customer Referral Program that matches prospective clients to blind cleaners.  

We maintain multiple web sites and our network information is given out by others in the industry or referrals from other blind cleaners, so consumers contact us by E-mail or phone from all over asking for assistance.

We reply to phone calls personally, E-mail replies to those who use the online forms or allow the consumers to locate a local cleaner using information in our online Member listings.  The local blind cleaning company then provides the requested cleaning quote.  Through the network office we assist consumers in finding competent service based upon the resources and expertise at our disposal, we can answer questions about cleaning (as we are blind cleaners ourselves), however pricing is dictated by the local company and of course the type of services you are asking them to provide.

The network sends out follow-up surveys or makes a phone call to the prospect a few weeks later to see how they evaluate the service(s) received.  Consumers also have the opportunity to contact us again or to follow-up should they need further assistance.

If there are more than several members of the Network servicing the same area then the referrals are rotated.

If there are no Members in the area, we may give out the name of any area blind cleaners listed in our master database.  In some cases these companies have not been screened or have elected not to particate in our professional network, so our information about them (or ability to endorse them with confidence) is often lacking.

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