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Blind & Drapery Cleaning Quote Request

Hunter Douglas Silhouettes

Complete the Quote Request Form and one of our staff will personally respond to the request by phone or E-mail.  As we do not use automatic software due to the variables involved, the reply may take a bit as we check our database to match your request with a local participant in our network of professional blind and drapery cleaners whenever possible.

  Call us TOLL FREE #1-855-420-8264 or #1-815-577-2221 and leave a message with your name, phone number and how we may assist you - if we missed your call.


What we WILL do:

  • 1) Personally match your request to the expertise of an area professional. (We have a database of over 1,000 professionally minded cleaners in North America) We'll contact you or the blind cleaner to clarify any information about the request and to make the connection.
  • 2) We MAY follow up in 2-3 weeks with a short 6 question survey. (Quality Control)

What we will NOT do:

  • Sell your "lead" to 3+ companies who pay to be listed (and to then bombard you with calls to set up quotes). We are a network of local independent blind cleaners.
  • Do an automated computer match.  Different custom window treatments require different knowledge, equipment and skills to properly clean. (Mini blinds vs. LuminettesĀ®). Items marked with * are required in order for us to contact you.  As we currently do these matches personally, requests are typically handled on the same or next business day, depending upon when the request was made, so please be patient.  (A company that you find online - while waiting to hear back from us - may not be one we recommend - for a number of reasons!)

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